Lemon Water Good You = Yes, Drinking Lemon Water Is Great For You!

Have you been searching for a health diet that can help you lose weight without hashing your heath? By drinking lemon water to lose weight might just do the job! According to Pharmaceutical researcher Dr. Alhambra, daily intake of this kind of fruit will help your body burn more fat than weight loss pills! Yes, it’s true and real. It can boost your fat burning metabolism by almost 100%.

A Researcher’s Secret Note Reveal to Public

According to Dr. Alhambra, why spend so much money on weight loss pill, if a fruit from can solve the problem naturally? Answers from Nature is always better than artificial, do you agree?

Dr. Alhambra hinted, If you want to burn more fat, there is one vitamin you need. A Vitamin that plays an essential role when it comes to fat burning — Vitamin C. Research shows, people who has more vitamin C in their body will burn more Calories during exercise. Lemon is famous of its vitamin C content and besides it taste very good when you added to water. It just has too much benefit for us to ignore.

8 Steps of Make A Vitamin C Enhanced Water

  1. Clean the lemon with a clean brush (toothbrush should work just as good)
  2. Store in the freezer for two hours (this process is important to freeze cooked the lemon but not too much)
  3. cut the lemon into slices ( slice one lemon to 10~15 slices is ideal)
  4. put all lemon slices with honey and some cold water into a container. (do not substitute honey with sugar)
  5. Store the container in the fridge until the next day.
  6. Take two slices of the lemon and put them in a cup
  7. Add some warm water
  8. Enjoy the Super water!

Other Health Benefit of Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water to lose weight is just one small benefits to lots more. There comes with a lot more surprising benefit that might also catch your attention. If you are motivated to stay young, younger to healthy and healthier. you much read the paragraph below.

Drinking Lemon Water — Makes The Doctor Stay Away

There have been many studies shown that the Flavonoids found in lemons can help prevent cancer. These researches shown that having flavonoids as your daily diet may help to reduce the risk of developing tumors in our body, such as Tumors or Cancers in the breast, lungs, colon, prostate, and pancreas. Drinking at least one or two glasses of lemon water can provide a great defense against cancer development and improve our health in general.

A Lemon a day, Burn Those Fat Away!

Enough said, This is a new slogan of 21 century ” A Lemon a day, Burn Those Fat Away!“. Let’s get up and make some of those Super-Lemon-Water and hope you stay young and health. We are keeping Doctor’s away!


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